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Achieve Communication Excellence

The ACE Program consists of a series of online educational videos, webinars, a quarterly newsletter, and email updates, all of which are designed to help you confidently communicate with your communication device.


What to Expect from ACE

Educational Video Courses

When you log into the ACE website, you will find a number of instructional videos — beginning with introductory courses and advancing to Continuing Communication. The beginning courses will offer instruction on the basic functions of the device. Communication Courses are designed to help you incorporate your device into your daily life.


Each month, you can participate in a live webinar which will feature tips on how to use your device in day-to-day experiences, like preparing for a doctor visit or making a grocery list.

Quarterly Newsletter

You will receive a quarterly newsletter about updates to the ACE program, reviews of the latest webinars, helpful tips, and a resource section.

Our Commitment to You and Your Device: Lifetime Support

We mean it when we say Lingraphica is Your Partner for the Journey. You can expect unlimited support and training for as long as you own the communication device. Our customer, technical, and training support teams are just an email or phone call away.

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