Lingraphica Aphasia Users Group

The Lingraphica Aphasia Users GroupĀ is a group of caregivers and individuals with aphasia. Along with staff members from Lingraphica, the group has been meeting in Princeton, NJ, for more than 10 years.


About the Aphasia Support Group

The Lingraphica Aphasia Users Group was founded in 2005 when Lingraphica wanted to gather insight on the effectiveness of its devices from the perspective of people living with aphasia. Today the group is a mix of caregivers, loved ones, and adults with aphasia. We meet once a month in Princeton, NJ.


Tips for Communicating

Communicating with someone with aphasia can be a frustrating experience for everyone involved. Collectively, members of the Lingraphica Users Group have more than 100 years in post-onset experience learning to communicate and teach others to communicate effectively.

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