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Lingraphica Company History

Using our extensive experience, backed by innovation, Lingraphica creates and provides pathways — from speech generation to speech recovery — for people with aphasia or apraxia to reconnect with their communities. Throughout our history, we have earned our reputation as the trusted name in helping adults regain independent communication.

Although our company was founded in 1990 when we introduced the first Lingraphica speech-generating device for adults with aphasia, the research behind the Lingraphica began over 30 years ago. It all started with picture cards developed by researchers at the Boston Veterans Administration (VA) Hospital to help people with aphasia communicate. The cards were based on an icon-based language known as VIC (Visual Communication System), which was followed in the next decade by a computer-based version, CVIC, created by researchers at the Palo Alto VA Hospital. The 1990 Lingraphica was the realization of a dream — that CVIC would one day be transformed into a product for people with aphasia.

In 1995 Lingraphica opened the first of several nationwide Language Care Center (LCC) Treatment Programs; these programs were the basis of one of the largest clinical studies ever done on aphasia. Lingraphica collected data as persons with aphasia worked with the Lingraphica under a team of specially trained speech-language pathologists; this data documented positive outcomes for people with both chronic and acute aphasia.

In 2002 Medicare approved the Lingraphica as a speech-generating device whose cost could be reimbursed by insurance. This change opened the way for countless people with aphasia to have their own Lingraphica speech-generating devices.

In 2012 the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) awarded Lingraphica a three-year accreditation for speech-generating devices — the result of a rigorous but voluntary peer-review process where we demonstrated to a team of on-site surveyors Lingraphica’s commitment to conforming to CARF accreditation conditions and standards. As a result of this accreditation process CARF also commended Lingraphica on our quest for quality programs and services.

Lingraphica’s designers and programmers continue to bring together the latest in research, technology, rehabilitation, and product development to provide the most advanced tools for people with aphasia.