ASHA Continuing-Education Units Options

Three Ways to Earn CEUs

Lingraphica offers three ways for speech-language pathologists (SLPs) to become eligible for FREE ASHA Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

SLPs play a huge role in our mission—to offer hope to individuals with aphasia. As such, we provide FREE opportunities for SLPs to expand their knowledge and skills while also earning ASHA CEUs. SLPs can become eligible to earn ASHA CEUs three ways. One, sign up and complete a learning assessment course. Two, supervise a FREE device trial with a client. Three, join a live webinar hosted by Lingraphica.

Our CEU courses are registered by the Continuing Education Board of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. It’s easy to get started! Simply select from our three types of ASHA-registered CEUs:

1.  Learning Assessment Courses

Our three learning assessment courses are recorded Web demos that each give you a chance to earn a total of 0.25 CEU credits. To get started, click on the “Start the Assessments” button below and create a log-in. We require an account to view our Web demos. Once you are logged in, click on the learning assessment you wish to view. Watch the entire Web demo, earn a passing grade on the learning assessment course quiz, and complete the assessment course survey. We will process the information and send you a Certificate of Participation within a few weeks.

2.  Supervise a FREE Device Trial with a Client

By conducting a FREE device trial with one of your clients, you become eligible to earn either 0.8 or 2.4 ASHA-registered CEUs. For clinicians who may work as teams, we allow you to divide the time supervising a trial and still earn CEUs. To learn more about a device trial, click here.

3.  Live Webinar

By attending a live webinar, you become eligible for 0.1 ASHA CEUs. Lingraphica’s Clinical Consultants frequently host live webinars for groups. These webinars are popular and fill up quickly. To schedule a webinar for your facility, contact

If you are interested in having an in-person in-service presented by a Lingraphica Clinical Consultant please email,



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