Free Communication Device Trial

Lingraphica’s FREE communication device trial gives you an opportunity to use one of our devices with your client. The process enables you to evaluate the device, establish medical necessity, and determine whether the device is a good fit for your client.

You are also eligible for up to 2.4 FREE CEUs. Be sure to talk to our Client Advocate or Clinical Consultant teams about the required paperwork when you begin your trial.

What Is a Device Trial?

Lingraphica’s device trial lets you use one of our communication devices—FREE of charge—to see whether you find it helpful for your client’s recovery. During the trial you will receive as much support as you need from our Clinical Consultant and Reimbursement teams.

We make it easy to start a trial!

1. Checking your client’s eligibility

After you provide your client’s insurance information to one of our Client Advocate team, we will determine whether your client has sufficient insurance coverage to start a device trial. We also require the notes from the client’s face-to-face visit with his or her physician. The reason we require an eligibility check is to ensure the trial process moves along quickly and easily.

2. Starting a Lingraphica communication device trial

If your client qualifies for a free trial, we will ship a loaner Lingraphica device to you free of charge. Within a week of receiving the device, our Client Advocate team will perform a detailed benefits check to ensure your client’s specific insurance will cover a Lingraphica communication device. Our team will reach out to you to discuss the results of this check, any out-of-pocket expenses, and to check the status of the face-to-face visit from your client’s physician. In the meantime, our Clinical Consultants will provide training and support for you and your client throughout the trial.

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3. Wrapping up the trial

Your Clinical Consultant will check in with you to make sure the device is an appropriate fit for your client. If you and your client agree to move forward with the device, Lingraphica will work with you to get the correct authorization and paperwork for the placement of the device. We will also work with your client’s physician to obtain the notes from his or her face-to-face visit regarding the treatment and evaluation of his or her speech impairment.

Meet the clinical consultants here.

4. Customizing the communication device

Once the device has been recommended and approved, Lingraphica will manufacture and customize the device specifically and uniquely for your client’s needs. We customize based on the Personal Interests Form you and your client complete. We put this information directly into the device so that, right out of the box, it will contain phrases like “Hi, my name is John” or “I like to watch the Phillies.”

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