Speech Device Assessment Tool for Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs)

QuickAssess, Lingraphica’s Device Assessment Tool, is a FREE iPad® app that helps you quickly determine whether a Lingraphica speech-generating device (SGD) is a good fit for your client. The app is easy to use, fast, and convenient. Because its three simple sections are built with flexibility in mind, you can work on a client’s evaluation in multiple sessions. Plus, there’s no need to worry about paperwork because the app can store and access multiple clients’ evaluations. Designed to save time and prevent frustration, QuickAssess is the must-have assessment tool.

By completing three simple sections: an Evaluation, a Device Simulation, and a short Questionnaire, you can determine whether a client has the necessary skills and capability needed to operate a Lingraphica SGD. Upon completion of the assessment, you can either view the results in a summary or detailed format and send them to Lingraphica for a FREE clinical consultation. You can also store the results within the app or print them for the client’s file.

Download QuickAssess, Lingraphica’s Device Evaluation Tool, here.

1.  Evaluation

This section’s six tests help you assess a client’s ability to touch, see, speak, and hear icons similar to the ones in a Lingraphica SGD.

2.  Device Simulation

The Device Simulation allows you to get an accurate representation of a Lingraphica SGD and determine whether it is an appropriate fit for a client.

3.  Questionnaire

By completing the short Questionnaire, you can expedite the complimentary consultation offered by Lingraphica.


This iPad app is designed to help a speech-language pathologist determine whether a client is a good fit for a Lingraphica speech-generating device; however, Lingraphicare America Inc. makes no claims as to the efficacy of the app.

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