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The SmallTalk Family of Communication Apps

The SmallTalk™ Family of Communication apps are FREE and offer users extreme portability for practicing speech and communicating on the go.

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SmallTalk Communication Apps

SmallTalk Aphasia (Female and Male)

Turns the iPod touch®, iPhone®, or iPad® into a mobile accessory, enabling you to take common graphic icons, phrases, and videos with you wherever you go.

SmallTalk Dysphagia

Icons and phrases to communicate swallowing needs and challenges.

SmallTalk Pain Scale

Communicate intensity of pain with descriptions and images from the Wong-Baker Faces Pain Scale.

SmallTalk Conversational Phrases

Words and phrases used in conversations, such as greetings, responses, and requests.

SmallTalk Daily Activities

Words and icons for daily living such as, bathing, dressing, and grooming.

SmallTalk Intensive Care

Communicate with doctors and nurses to describe pain, feelings, and medical needs.

SmallTalk Frases de Conversación

Spanish words and phrases used in conversations, such as greetings, responses, and requests.

SmallTalk Video Apps

SmallTalk Oral Motor Exercises

Cheek, tongue, soft palate, lip, and jaw movements to help strengthen muscles for speech.

SmallTalk Consonant Blends

Tongue and lip movements to produce consonant blends.

SmallTalk Common Phrases

Greetings, conversational phrases, and aphasia-oriented phrases, such as, “I had a stroke.”

SmallTalk Days, Months, Dates

Days of week, months of year, and ordinal numbers from
1st through 31st.

SmallTalk Phonemes

English-language phonemes including illustrations of tongue and lip movements.

SmallTalk Letters, Numbers, Colors

The 26 letters of the English alphabet, the numbers 1 through 20, and the primary colors.


The AllTalk™ Speech-Generating Device

The Lingraphica AllTalk is our most versatile speech-generating device. It’s designed to help adults with aphasia communicate their wants and needs.


Lingraphica’s TalkPath™ Therapy

Lingraphica’s TalkPath Therapy is the ultimate speech therapy solution for individuals and professionals—accessible from the iPad® app or a desktop computer.

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