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A pocket-sized speech-generating device

The Lingraphica MiniTalk™ is our most portable and lightweight speech-generating device designed specifically for people with aphasia or verbal apraxia. 

Maximum Portability, Minimum Size

The MiniTalk's icon-based language system includes more than 4,400 adult-appropriate graphic icons and animations that represent 7,500-plus words, empowering you to find your voice by quickly building phrases to help reconnect with your family, friends, and communities.

The MiniTalk is ultra-portable, extremely lightweight, and comes with a protective carrying case—so you can easily communicate while on-the-go.

The MiniTalk is the perfect choice if you:

  • Enjoy the convenience of an ultra-portable speech-generating device
  • Want a pocket-sized device suitable for communicating in any setting
  • Need a discreet, one-pound device with a protective case
  • Prefer the option of a touchscreen keyboard

Find Your Voice

  • Communicate your needs, health, activities, and more with a vocabulary of adult-focused icons
  • Communicate in real-time by typing what you want the device to speak

Communicate Your Way

  • Go where you need to go with an ultra-portable and discreet mini-tablet design
  • Use the device away from home for hours with our longest-lasting battery
  • Interact with the device using a touchscreen or stylus

Make It Yours

  • Express yourself by creating custom icons and phrases
  • Create and save multiple sentences and phrases for recall when you need them
  • Configure the device to your unique needs with customizable settings

To learn more about the MiniTalk call us toll free at: 888-274-2742

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    The TouchTalk Speech-Generating Device

    The Lingraphica TouchTalk™ is a discreet and lightweight tablet, so you can use it while easily blending into a variety of social settings.

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    QuickAssess, Device Assessment Tool

    QuickAssess℠, Device Assessment Tool, is a free iPad app that helps SLPs evaluate which speech-generating device is a good fit for their client.