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Designed by speech-language pathologists and tested by users with language and cognitive deficits, the HIPAA-compliant TalkPath Therapy is redefining online speech therapy.

Research has shown that people with aphasia can continue to make significant gains even several years after their stroke or brain injury, giving hope to millions of people.

Lingraphica’s TalkPath Therapy is a cutting-edge, task-based, online therapy solution. With more than 13,500 language and cognitive exercises, you can begin rebuilding your speech, language, and cognitive skills today. New to TalkPath Therapy is the video playback feature, which enables you to record yourself practicing mouth position videos and play the video back to check for accuracy. This feature is only available on the iPad®.


Best of all, the online speech platform is free and accessible from the TalkPath Therapy app for the iPad® (online or offline), or from a desktop or laptop computer (requires an Internet connection). It’s easy to get started. Just download the TalkPath Therapy app from the App Store℠ or visit and create a free account.

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