Standard Device Accessories

Every Lingraphica speech-generating device comes with accessories that make them easier to carry, use and integrate into your daily life.

TouchTalk Standard Case

The TouchTalk speech-generating device comes standard with a carrying case. This sleek protective case is lined with synthetic leather on the exterior, and non-scratch microfiber on the interior. It is easy to carry thanks to its built-in handles and provided shoulder strap.

The case doubles as a stand and allows for several screen viewing angles. It also features a magnetic closure and marks the locations of the charging port, volume and power buttons to make it easier to find them.

MiniTalk Standard Case

The MiniTalk offers a standard case with a synthetic leather exterior and non-scratch microfiber interior. The case labels ports with icons to make it easier to find the charging port, volume and power buttons. It features three grooves for multiple screen viewing anglesand a magnetic closure to keep the screen safe when not in use.

Standard Stylus

This standard stylus comes with each Lingraphica speech-generating device. It is about the size and weight of a ballpoint pen, with a soft tip compatible with our touch screen devices.

Available Device Accessories

We know every accessory may not work for every person. We offer a range of additional accessories that are available upon request.

Wireless Keyboard

Lightweight, compact, and slim. These keyboards are smaller in relation to our devices than some of the other options, making them easier to carry and taking up less space. QWERTY layout.


Compact, desktop mouse alternative for people with fine motor deficits.  Designed to respond to light touch while giving accurate cursor navigation. Features a low profile, providing for a natural hand rest for comfortable operation. Comes with 3 knobs to choose from.  Acorn knob for general purpose use, T-Bar knob for users who need to grip the stick, and a large diameter foam ball that allows the stick to be moved by wrist or forearm.

Wireless Mouse

Pointing device that controls a cursor for icon selection.  Cord-free convenience and a reliable connection with nano receiver.  Nano receiver can stay plugged into device or can be stowed on-board the mouse when not in use.

Trackball Mouse

Pointing device that controls a cursor for icon selection by rotation of a ball in socket. Users roll the ball to position the on-screen cursor using their fingers or the palm of the hand while using the fingertips to press the mouse buttons.   Allows for control by fingers/hand with little need to move the wrist or arm. Less surface area is required for operation since the mouse remains stationary. Can be used with right or left hand and in cases of fatigue, users can alternate hand use.

Ball Grip Stylus

For anyone who has difficulty holding a small object, but who can firmly grasp something larger with their hand.

T-Grip Stylus

For anyone who exhibits muscle tightness (spasticity), and who can comfortably grasp larger objects with their hand.

Weighted Stylus

The wide barrel grip makes it easier for anyone with arthritis to hold this stylus. The added weight may also be beneficial for anyone with hand tremors.

Extended Stylus

The extended grip is lightweight and longer than the standard stylus. It prevents the hand from touching or blocking the screen.

Bluetooth Speaker

Delivers high quality sound at increased volume for patients that need their device to be louder.  Can be positioned close to the device or up to 100 unobstructed feet away since it is wireless.  Can also be used to get the attention of a communication partner in another room.