Lingraphica AAC Device Accessories

What’s In The Box?

One Mighty Stylus

Close up of Lingraphica's standard touchscreen stylus accessory

As light as a ballpoint pen with a soft tip compatible with all touch screen devices.

A Protective Multi-Angle Case

Protective cases that offer multiple viewing angles. Available for tablets only.

A Portable Device Charger

Pretty self-explanatory, we think. Need a replacement charger? Contact support.

Accessibility is Our Goal.

Check Out Other Available AAC Device Accessories

Rugged Case

Close up of Lingraphica's rugged tablet case accessory option

Provides extra protection and multiple viewing angles. For tablets only. 

Bluetooth Speaker

For auditory deficits or communicating from afar. Delivers high quality from up to 100ft away.

Wireless Keyboard

Lightweight, compact, and slim. It’s easy to bring with you wherever you go.

Standard Mouse

Close up of Lingraphica's Bluetooth mouse accessory option

For navigation and icon selection.

The Joystick

Close up of Lingraphica's joystick accessory option

For fine motor deficits. Responds to light touch. Available with acorn, T-bar, or foam ball knobs.

The Trackball Mouse

Lets you control the cursor with your fingers or hands instead of needing to move the wrist or arm.

Ball Grip Stylus

For anyone who has difficulty holding a small object, but who can firmly grasp something larger with their hand.

T-Grip Stylus

For anyone who exhibits muscle tightness (spasticity), and who can comfortably grasp larger objects with their hand.

Flexible Stylus

Close up of Lingraphica's flexible stylus accessory

This stylus can be used straight (as pictured) or can bend to adapt to your hand shape or other gripping needs.

Flexible Stylus with Strap

Close up of Lingraphica's flexible stylus with strap accessory option

Features a strap and can be used straight or can bend to adapt to your hand shape or other gripping needs.

Weighted Stylus

A good option for arthritis or hand tremors. Features wide barrel grip and added weight.

Extended Stylus

The extended grip is 7.3 inches in length, lightweight, and prevents the hand from touching or blocking the screen.