Lingraphica MiniTalk™ AAC Device

A Simple But Powerful and Portable Communication Device

The Lingraphica MiniTalk™ is a small tablet — slightly larger than a phone — that allows you to communicate in five different ways. Practice your speech and comprehension through a series of videos, activities, and quizzes. And connect with others online and by bringing your device wherever you go.

By using a MiniTalk, you’ll improve your communication, speech, and quality of life. Schedule a free consultation to learn if it’s right for you or request pricing.

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Features and Benefits of The MiniTalk AAC Device

The MiniTalk offers an 8-inch viewing screen, weighs less than 1 lb, and holds a 6-hour charge. It comes with a protective case that doubles as a table-top stand. You can control it through touchscreen or easily add a bluetooth mouse or keyboard, or use a stylus.

Specifications and Features:

  • Dimensions: 4.79″ x 7.84″ x 0.32″
  • Weight: 0.67 lbs.
  • Battery life: 6 hrs.
  • Rear Camera Resolution: 8MP
  • Front Camera Resolution: 2MP
  • On-screen keyboard and touchscreen navigation
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth device ready
  • Zoom®, Google Chrome™, and email

Communicate in Five Different Ways

The MiniTalk makes it easy for people of various ages and a wide range of abilities to communicate in any of several ways.

Practice and Improve Your Speech

Built-in activities, videos, and quizzes can help improve your speech and comprehension even if you’re not actively working with a speech therapist.

  • Practice words and phrases that are relevant to you
  • Work on reading, comprehension, writing, and vocabulary
  • Watch and practice along hundreds of videos
  • Get the daily news and corresponding quizzes
  • Choose from thousands of built-in or online exercises
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Add The Things That Matter the Most

With little or no training, you can easily add icons, words, phrases, images, and videos that help to tell the story of you.

For a Variety of Speech and Language Impairments

The TouchTalk offers a simple language system and intuitive options for customization. It can be used by individuals of various ages and a wide range of communication abilities.

Free to Try. No Obligation to Purchase. Lifetime Support.

Try A Device at Home or With Your SLP

We’ll send you a device to try from the comfort of home. Work with your speech therapist or ours to decide if it’s right for you. There’s no obligation to purchase.

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Most People Pay Nothing for a Device

We are covered by Medicare, Medicaid, VAs, commercial insurance, and others. We also offer financial assistance for out-of-pocket expenses. In fact, 97% of our device users paid nothing.

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A Lifetime of Support from Experts

The device is simple and easy to use. But should you ever need help, we are available to answer questions and provide whatever help you need so you get the most from your device.

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Success Stories from People Like You

Over the last thirty years, we’ve helped countless others to improve their communication and quality of life. These are some of their stories

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