Rebuilding Communication Skills with the ACE Program

Welcome to the ACE Program

Individuals who order a Lingraphica speech-generating device will automatically become part of our new ACE (Achieve, Communicate, Express) Program and begin their journey toward establishing functional communication skills with their devices.

The ACE Program is a structured program of exercises designed to help Lingraphica device users establish functional communication skills by using their speech-generating device. We call it the ACE Program because we want device users to rebuild their communication skills with the assistance of both the program and their speech device.

As part of Lingraphica’s ongoing support and training, every individual who orders a Lingraphica speech-generating device will automatically become part of the ACE Program. Users will receive the ACE Program Guidebook, which is packed with hundreds of self-paced, practical exercises they can do on their own or with a communication partner. By working through the guidebook, users will get closer to establishing functional communication skills.

In addition to the guidebook, users will receive a monthly webinar where Lingraphica’s Clinical Consultants and Technical Support teams will go over a portion of the guidebook.

To learn more about the guidebook, call us at 888-274-2742, or email us at

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