No-Tech and Low-Tech Options for Supported Conversation

Aphasia caregivers often report that their single biggest challenge is communicating with their loved with aphasia. In order to help caregivers of people with aphasia, we’ve developed a special course designed to teach basic communication principles.

By taking this course, you’ll learn how to communicate with your loved one more effectively right away, including:

  • Helping your loved get their message out
  • Making sure your message is understood
  • Acknowledging and revealing their competence
Caregiver talking on phone with elderly love one looking on.

Lingraphica Can Help

During a free 30-minute free consultation, we’ll help you and your loved ones find exactly what you need to meet your specific communication goals.

We’ll help you to better understand your condition, offer simple strategies for communicating more effectively, and discuss communication and therapy devices and apps that can really help. Call us at 866-570-8775 or click the button below to schedule a consultation.

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High-Tech AAC Options for Better Communication

Even with basic communication training, communicating with someone who has aphasia can be challenging for everyone involved. In this course, we discuss and demonstrate several key advantages of high-tech AAC devices. By taking this course, you’ll learn how a high-tech AAC device can help both you and your loved one to communicate more effectively.

Key takeaways include:

  • The benefits of high-tech AAC devices for people with aphasia
  • Real-world examples of how a device can be customized for individual needs
  • The impact a device has on a person with aphasia’s communication

Need More Help Improving Communication?

Lingraphica offers free one-on-one consultations for caregivers who want to improve communication with their loved ones and help to aid their recovery but aren’t entirely sure where to start.

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