hand holding voting envelope

Preparing For Election Day With A Communication Impairment

As the midterm elections in the United States approach, people around the nation are making their Election Day plans. On Tuesday, November 8, Americans will head to the polls to cast their votes and exercise their constitutional rights. Some of those people will have aphasia or other speech or language impairments. Disability can profoundly affect…

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truck driving through flood

How AAC Users Can Prepare For An Emergency

Disasters and emergencies interrupt the lives of millions of people every year. In 2021, more than 400 disastrous events related to natural hazards occurred, affecting 100 million people and causing more than 10,000 deaths. These numbers don’t even consider other isolated emergencies, such as house fires. Certain populations, like those who depend on AAC devices,…

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touch talk and touchtalk plus devices

What Makes Lingraphica’s TouchTalk Plus Stand Out

In 2011, we launched our midsize tablet called the TouchTalk. In the 10-plus years since, it has become our most popular communication device. We’re thrilled at how the TouchTalk has helped individuals with a variety of speech and language impairments to improve their communication, speech, and quality of life. Over the last decade, the TouchTalk…

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How To Get An AAC Device

Augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) comes in many shapes, sizes, and levels of complexity. No-tech and low-tech AAC — such as gestures and communication boards — can help many people with their needs. But there are also cases where high-tech AAC might be a more appropriate fit. People with speech or language impairments caused by…

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two young women having a conversation indoors

What To Know About Communicating With An AAC Device User

Augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) devices are varied and powerful tools that can help people with certain speech and/or language impairments communicate. But for prospective AAC device users, the thought of relying on technology can sometimes be intimidating, despite all the benefits they can provide. One of the primary concerns device users have is how…

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senior woman sitting in cafe looking at laptop

Best Free Online Reading Resources For Adults

By guest author: Devin Fisher, M.S., CCC-SLP I want people to know that there are resources out there at no cost that may be helpful relative to using and working on literacy skills. It’s important to engage regularly in reading activities, as there is a strong relationship between literacy skills and other cognitive-communication skills. So,…

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Introducing More Inclusive Skin Tone Options To Our AAC Devices

Throughout history, humans have relied on symbols to represent or convey certain messages. From prehistoric cave paintings to modern street signs, simple images can express ideas, rules, and emotions. Now, iconography in the form of emoticons are a part of our day-to-day lives in unique ways. A smiley face as a reply to text message…

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How An AAC Device Can Help You Improve Your Speech

As you may have recently learned, an augmentative and alternative (AAC) device can help individuals with speech and language impairments to communicate in several ways. But, AAC devices offer far more than a way to communicate. They are actually shown to improve speech in several studies. Nonetheless, there is a persistent and common misperception that…

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How to Communicate with An AAC Device

An augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) device is a tool that helps someone with a speech and language impairment to communicate with others more effectively. The devices are commonly used by individuals with conditions like aphasia, apraxia, dysarthria, autism, or a developmental disability. Since these conditions affect a variety of cognitive and physical abilities, it’s important…

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