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Aphasia Art & Poetry From Virtual Connections Interview

Virtual Connections is proud to announce the release of the Aphasia Art & Poetry Book! This book was created by people with aphasia in the Speaking Poetry Virtual Connections Group. Speaking Poetry began in October 2020. Mark Harder, a person with aphasia and Virtual Connections member, asked to help run a poetry session with Dr.…

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Lingraphica’s Michael Bord Talks To Univision About Aphasia

Aphasia In The News After the recent news broke about Bruce Willis’ diagnosis of aphasia, more and more people have been asking, “What is aphasia?” We had the opportunity to speak about aphasia and its impact on those diagnosed with it, their loved ones, and what resources Lingraphica has to offer to the Spanish-speaking community…

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What Makes Lingraphica’s TouchTalk Plus Stand Out

In 2011, we launched our midsize tablet called the TouchTalk. In the 10-plus years since, it has become our most popular communication device. We’re thrilled at how the TouchTalk has helped individuals with a variety of speech and language impairments to improve their communication, speech, and quality of life. Over the last decade, the TouchTalk…

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Lingraphica Device Update Makes Personalization Faster And Easier

Lingraphica communication devices help thousands of individuals around the world practice their speech, achieve their goals, and regain independence. We believe in the benefits provided by our AAC devices, and we’re always working hard to see how we can provide an even better experience. Lingraphica update 2.13 introduces exciting new features to our communication devices.…

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A Note About Our Community Inclusion Meetup

At Lingraphica, it is our genuine privilege to serve many speech-language communities. One of our proudest achievements is Virtual Connections — our free online aphasia support group. These daily online meetups for people with aphasia and their families provide a unique place to connect, learn, and grow. Hundreds of individuals have taken part in Virtual…

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Virtual Connections Featured Partner: Stroke Onward

Founded in 2019 by stroke survivor Debra Meyerson and her husband Steve Zuckerman, Stroke Onward, a non-profit initiative of the Social Good Fund, works to provide stroke survivors, care partners, and healthcare professionals with resources to help navigate the emotional journey to rebuild identities and rewarding lives. There are seven million stroke survivors in the…

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Lingraphica Signs On In Support Of The For The People Act

People with aphasia and other speech or language impairments experience many challenges in their day-to-day lives. The ability to speak, read, write, and understand language can range from mildly challenging to severely difficult. When those abilities fall short, it can disrupt any task or interaction that involves speech or language — including one’s right to…

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