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Overcoming the Biggest Challenges Aphasia Caregivers Face

As we recently learned, the caregivers of people with aphasia face a variety of unique challenges in addition to the mental, emotional, and physical effects that frequently coincide. Caregivers grapple with stress, emotional well-being, sleep quality, energy level, life outlook, and even physical pain or discomfort. They also report worsening relationships with friends, people in…

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How to Deal with People Who Don’t Understand Aphasia

We’ve all been there. You are with your loved one (who has aphasia) and encounter someone who isn’t familiar with the condition and struggles with the interaction. These encounters can be awkward, lead to frustration, or even cause your loved one to retreat from social situations. There are, however, effective ways to turn this into…

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Mature female with aphasia communicating with adult daughter

Adjusting to A Loved One’s Dependence on You

Few people ever anticipate becoming a caregiver to a spouse, child, parent, sibling. Yet, every year millions of individuals fall victim to stroke or traumatic brain injury, and aphasia. Many of those who acquire aphasia go on to recover within a few months. However, others will experience impairments that can last significantly longer – for…

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The Impact of Aphasia on Caregivers

An aphasia diagnosis can be one of the most devastating things to happen to someone who survives a stroke or traumatic brain injury. In an instant a person can lose their ability to comprehend and use language. Similarly, an aphasia diagnosis can be just as devastating for that individual’s family and the person who becomes…

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5 Tips for Combating the Holiday Blues

Holidays are usually thought of as a joyful time of year. When living with aphasia, this may not always be the case. Holidays can present unique challenges for people living with communication disorders, as well as their caregivers. The Danish concept of hygge is all about enjoying the present moment. In the winter, the days…

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Grandparents using a tablet device with their two school-age grandchildren

How to Connect with Your Grandkids During the Holidays

Grandparents and grandkids often spend more time together during the holidays than at any other time during the year. For many, it can be a struggle to communicate with grandkids in a meaningful way. This can be especially true when you have aphasia and communication issues appear to widen the distance between you. Here are…

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Shows to Binge and Talk About this Holiday Season

Journalists and media writers like to say we’re living in “Peak TV” because there have been a lot of good TV shows recently. But, a lot of the best shows aren’t just aired on traditional networks anymore — many also appear on online streaming services. With the kids and grandkids around for the holidays, these…

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Everyday Communication: Ordering Food

When you have aphasia, going out to eat is about more than just filling your stomach. Whether you’re sharing a meal with friends or just grabbing a quick lunch for yourself, communication is a big part of the equation. You’ll need to be able to communicate with your waiter or other restaurant staff. However, with…

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Caring for Caregivers: Managing Stress and Emotional Well-being

Having a loved one with aphasia can add stress to the whole family. Many caregivers find themselves with unexpected responsibilities. These can include navigating doctors’ appointments and providing assistance with everyday tasks. If the stroke caused one or both people to stop working, finances can be another big stressor. In a recent survey by Lingraphica,…

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