Choose the Communication Device to Fit Your Lifestyle

Whether you prefer a laptop for maximum screen size, a mini-tablet for ultimate portability, or something in between, we have the device to help you rediscover communication.

Ultimate Versatility

AllTalk desktop communication device

Lightweight, ultra-sleek, and provides ultimate versatility. Use the AllTalk™ as a laptop, tablet, tent, or stand. Communicate with confidence.

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Convenience On-the-Go

TouchTalk tablet communication device

Only two pounds including its protective carrying case, the TouchTalk™ is perfect for blending into any social setting with family and friends.

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Pocket-sized Technology

MiniTalk mini tablet communication device

The smallest of our devices at only one pound with its protective case, the MiniTalk™ provides maximum portability wherever you go.

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Couple using a Lingraphica AllTalk desktop device together to communicate

 Did You Know?

Did you know that our devices can improve communication in people with disorders such as traumatic brain injury, Parkinson’s disease, autism, cerebral palsy (CP) and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)? Try one of our devices for free today!

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A Closer Comparison of Lingraphica Devices

All three Lingraphica communication devices use an icon-based language system that empowers stroke survivors to find their voice by quickly building phrases to reconnect with family and friends. With more than 4,500 graphic icons and 9,000 words programmed into each device, users can easily customize and personalize icons.

Features on Each Lingraphica Device:

• Type and Talk

• Variety of Voices

• Training Videos

• Ability to Enlarge Icons

• Unlimited Support & Training

• FastTalk Page

• Specialized News Source

• Email

• Whiteboard

• Camera

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Additional Benefits:

Portable and convenient communication devices that range from an 8-inch tablet to a full-sized 13-inch laptop.

Interact with the devices using multiple input methods, including touchscreen or stylus. Other access methods available for the AllTalk include a joystick and integrated trackpad.

Starting at less than one pound, all Lingraphica devices are lightweight and easy to carry.

Easily express thoughts and feelings by creating custom icons and phrases on the device.

Available in English or Spanish.

Communication Device or Tablet?

We are often asked why someone facing a communication disorder should consider the use of a communication device instead of an Apple iPad® or another tablet device. Click below for the six reasons.

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Lingraphica Communication Devices Are Easy to Use and Customize

  • Use more than 9,000 words and 4,500 icons for communicating a range of tasks and needs.


  • Create and customize your own communication icons.


  • Connect with family and friends in social settings.


  • Trial one of our devices for free!
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