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  • Meredith Murray

    November 18, 2023 at 3:51 pm

    Hi Brenda! I’m Meredith. I am very moved by your post, reaching out on behalf of your brother. I’m so happy you found this site. I think you will find everything that you mentioned you are looking for, here! In my experience, Speech therapy saved me!

    I guarantee you will start to see progress, once his therapies begin.

    You mentioned he liked going for drives before this happened. So I would imagine that getting out of the house for his appointments, will be beneficial & enjoyable for him.

    I Have a suggestion regarding his hobbies that you talked about. Maybe his caregiver can find something he could put together. Of course, NOT working on heavy & potentially dangerous car parts, at this time…but Perhaps like a simple/child’s puzzle. 🧩

    or maybe even building something out of Lego’s.

    I think if he is doing something related to his interests, he will be more likely to participate & it will keep his brain stimulated.

    Please reach out again any time!! It must be so hard for you, to be in another state. Just keep doing what you’re doing and send lots of healing and loving vibes to him!! 💜