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Lingraphica’s free communication device trial allows you to try the device, lets your speech therapist establish medical necessity, and determine whether the device is a good fit for your communication needs. During the trial, your therapist will work with Lingraphica’s Clinical Consultant and Client Advocate teams to navigate the device and file paperwork for insurance reimbursement.

Five Easy Steps to Lingraphica’s Trial

Checking your eligibility

After receiving your insurance information, our Client Advocate team begins processing your benefit check to make sure you have sufficient insurance coverage for a device. Once that is complete, our team will prepare a loaner device to ship to your speech therapist. We may reach out to you during this process if we have any questions. If you don’t have a speech therapist, our Patient Navigators will help you find one if you area and get you set up to meet with him or her.

Starting the device trial

We will ship a loaner Lingraphica device to your therapist free of charge. During this time, you may also have your first session with the communication device, your speech therapist and their Lingraphica Clinical Consultant. As the trial progresses, the Clinical Consultant will check in regularly to make sure the trial is going smoothly and to answer any questions you may have.

Wrapping up the trial

You will continue working with your speech therapist with your device as well as have the opportunity to take the loaner device home. If you and your therapist decide to move forward with the device, our Client Advocate team will work with you to get the paperwork ready to ensure insurance authorization. They will also contact your physician to obtain the prescription for the device and submit it and the paperwork to your insurance for authorization.

Getting your new communication device

After the device has been approved by your insurance, Lingraphica will manufacture and customize your device specifically and uniquely for your needs. We customize based on the Personal Interests Form you and your loved one complete during the trial and transfer over any icons and pages you create on the loaner device to your new device. Once you receive your device via UPS, you will immediately be able to begin communicating with their loved ones again with custom phrases like “Hi, my name is John” or “I like to watch the Phillies!”

Using your device

Once you have received your device and start working with it, our Customer Service team will reach out to you and your communication partner or caregiver to get you started in our Communication Partner Training Program. We want to make sure you are able to successfully integrate your new device into your daily life and will be with you every step of the journey.

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