Insurance and Funding

Lingraphica’s experienced team of professionals will help you every step of the way.

We’re Here to Assist You with Insurance Eligibility

Lingraphica’s experienced team of professionals will be with you step by step to verify eligibility and check the insurance benefits for a Lingraphica communication device.

Our Client Advocates and Reimbursement Specialists will work on your behalf, submitting the necessary documents for approval and reimbursement of a device.

Insurance options for your Lingraphica communication device include Medicare, VA, many state Medicaids, commercial and private healthcare insurances, state funding and other options. Call our team of funding experts with any questions you may have about funding your communication device.

Meeting Medical Necessity Requirements

To demonstrate a medical need for a Lingraphica device, Medicare and all private healthcare insurance companies have two requirements:

  1. A speech-language pathologist (SLP) must evaluate you and recommend a communication device.
  2. Your physician must provide their medical notes that detail the treatment and evaluation of your specific medical condition that supports the need for a speech-generating device. After which, your physician will be asked to write a prescription for the device.

Should you demonstrate medical necessity, Medicare and other insurances may cover a communication device. Our Reimbursement Specialists will work with you to assess your coverage.

Our benefits check process verifies your insurance coverage and ensures that the proper forms are completed and successfully submitted to your insurance company. We obtain the necessary paperwork and get in touch with your insurer on your behalf.

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