Portability in a Full-Featured Communication Device

The TouchTalk™ communication device is our convenient, tablet-style device, designed for a mobile and active lifestyle while providing an easy way to communicate on-the-go.

Convenience On-the-Go

The TouchTalk’s icon-based language system includes more than 4,400 adult-appropriate graphic icons and animations that represent 8,000-plus words, empowering you to find your voice by quickly building phrases to help reconnect you with your family, friends, and community.

The TouchTalk is discreet and lightweight—only two pounds, including its protective carrying case—so you can use it while easily blending into a variety of social settings.

The TouchTalk Communication Device is the perfect choice if you:

  • Want a portable and convenient communication device.
  • Want a two-pound, mid-sized device that blends into any social setting.

Find Your Voice

  • Communicate your needs, health, activities, and more with a vocabulary of adult-focused icons.
  • Communicate in real time by typing what you want the device to speak.
  • Select from a variety of voices to match your personality.

Communicate Your Way

  • Go where you need to go with a lightweight, discreet tablet design.
  • Interact with the device using a touchscreen or stylus.
  • Quickly communicate your most commonly used phrases and messages with the FastTalk page.

Make It Yours

  • Express yourself by creating custom icons and phrases.
  • Create and save multiple sentences and phrases for recall when you need them.

To learn more about the TouchTalk and how you can start a FREE trial, call us at 888-274-2742.

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