Improve Communication and Life Participation

Lingraphica speech-generating devices (SGDs), also known as AAC devices or assistive communication devices, are designed for adults with aphasia as well as dysarthria, apraxia, autism, and developmental disabilities. They help individuals to:

  • Improve communication with family and friends
  • Practice and improve their speech
  • Gain independence within the community
  • Discuss current events
  • Participate in healthcare decisions
  • Talk over the phone or video chat
  • Practice a hobby or activity

Our most popular device.

A mid-size tablet with excellent battery life and portability.

Our most flexible device.

A lightweight laptop that supports onscreen and traditional keyboards.

Our smallest device.

A small tablet that is ultra-portable and extremely lightweight.

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Express Exactly What’s on Your Mind

Communicate anything you want to those around you, within any setting. Regain your independence, rekindle relationships, tackle daily activities, and set new life goals.


  • Over 4,500 graphic icons and 9,000 words
  • A built-in whiteboard for drawing and writing
  • The ability to ‘type and talk’ words and phrases
  • Develop custom phrases for frequent use

Improve Your Communication

Whether you’ve had aphasia for a few months or even years, you can always improve. Studies show the beneficial impact of Lingraphica communication devices on users’ language ability.


  • Words and phrases spoken aloud.
  • Therapeutic exercises that help cue speech
  • Mouth position videos for practice
  • Reading comprehension activities

Make It as Unique as You Are

Your device is an extension of you. It helps tell others the story of who you are as an individual. That’s why it’s designed to be personalized just for your needs.


  • Choose from 19 unique voices
  • Create custom icons from pictures you take
  • Change and move icons, and speed of voice
  • Choose between English and Spanish

A Simple and Easy-to-Use Device

The devices are designed to be easy-to-use no matter your level of experience with technology. They provide simple graphics, and clear menu and navigation options on a dedicated device.


  • Simple and intuitive menu and navigation options
  • Built-in icons that are easy to understand
  • The ability to enlarge icons or slow down speech
  • Built-in touchscreen and on-screen keyboard

Life-Long Support and Training

We are with you from day one. We’ll manage all the paperwork and documentation during the trial, and provide unlimited training and technical support.


  • Unlimited help for users and caregivers
  • A full library of online support resources and videos
  • Regular updates offering the latest device features

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