Communication is a difficult task for many people with autism. This can lead to frustration and isolation, and make it more difficult for people with autism to engage with friends, family, and their communities. Whether they are nonverbal, use only restricted words/phrases, or tend to repeat the same words, many people with autism can improve their communication with an augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) system.

AAC devices can help people with autism to communicate a much wider range of words, phrases, thoughts and feelings than they might be able to with speech or gestures alone. The use of AAC devices has shown to be a beneficial technique for people with autism (Nunes, 2008).

Lingraphica AAC or speech-generating devices provide a simple and user-friendly communication system for people of all ages with autism. The devices feature real pictures and realistic drawings. These literal representations are often the easiest for people with autism to understand and use. No two people on the autism spectrum are the same. Because the devices are so easy to personalize, they can be adjusted to meet individual communication needs.

For people who need simplicity, the device can feature just a few icons per page of very relevant and meaningful words and phrases. This can be a great step up for people who have used a picture exchange system, such as PECS, in the past. For people who want to be able to communicate a wide variety of vocabulary and voice new thoughts quickly, Lingraphica devices can help. The devices enable you to program an unlimited number of folders and categories, with frequently used phrases in each one. They also offer a text-to-speech function that allows you to quickly communicate new and unique vocabulary. Other device features, like a built-in whiteboard and camera, can help users who want to share their stories through pictures and drawings.

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Lingraphica devices can be programmed to help people communicate basic information, increase independence in the community, or participate in a hobby or activity. They are compatible with smart home assistants, making functional living at home even easier. Because they are so simple to personalize, each device is as unique as the person using it.

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