COVID-19 has quickly changed how we deliver healthcare services as more individuals are encouraged to stay home to prevent the spread of the disease.

In response, we are proud to introduce Lingraphica Virtual Trials.

This new online service will allow you to continue to conduct AAC device trials for patients and families who desperately need to continue to receive speech therapy and to be able to communicate, especially during these uncertain times.

Lingraphica Virtual Trials can be done safely and effectively from the comfort of your home and may be reimbursable by Medicare and commercial insurance providers*.

* Please note that reimbursement requirements can vary from state to state. We recommend you check your local laws. ASHA has provided a helpful telepractice tracking document found here.

Male speech-language pathologist on a laptop conducting a virtual device trial

How a Lingraphica Virtual Trial Works

After you start a trial, Lingraphica will:

  1. Send both you and your client a pre-customized trial device.
  2. Collaborate with you via an online video conferencing platform.
  3. Assign a dedicated clinical consultant to provide guidance.
  4. Assist with paperwork and funding questions.
  5. Ship the permanent device following insurance approval.

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