Tools for Aphasia Support Groups

From tips to technology, we’ve got your support group resources covered.

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If you belong to or lead an aphasia support group, we invite you to have a FREE, live webinar with a clinician from Lingraphica! We’ll “virtually visit” with your support group at a time that’s convenient for you to talk about how our apps, therapy programs, and communication devices might be helpful tools for your group’s members. We’ll also answer any questions about our products and services during the webinar. Have a specific topic or question? We can work with that! Just click the link below, fill out the request form, and we’ll be “meeting” with you in no time.

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Need some resources? We’ve got you covered!

If you’re looking for some guidance and helpful hints for better communication, Lingraphica has a few blog posts with tips that you might find useful for your support group. From ideas to incorporate Supported Conversations for Adults with Aphasia (SCA™) to our own ACE Program (Achieve Communication Excellence) that’s used in conjunction with our devices, we’ve gathered useful tools for groups like yours, as well as individual communication.

Click below for a list of blogs to support your meetings!

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This group, which Lingraphica runs and moderates, is for stroke survivors, people with aphasia, their family members, and professionals who work with survivors. We encourage members to share hope and inspiration, our thoughts, cares, concerns, ideas, jokes, and a few laughs.

We use the Lingraphica tool, TalkPath News, as a springboard for sharing our thoughts on the latest current events. The articles on TalkPath News are written to be aphasia-friendly and to make the news stories easy to understand.

We encourage members to post questions, concerns or feelings about what is on their minds. This is a positive, encouraging group. Join us!

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