The Button Bar across the top of the screen contains the buttons that access options and functions within the device.

The image below displays the icons listed in the Button Bar along with their descriptions:

The Home Button will take you back to the home page from wherever you are in the system.

The back and forward arrows take you back to the previous page or forward to the next page, depending on your settings.

Search opens the search window, allowing you to type the name of any icon or work you would like to find.

Fast Talk opens a page that contains words and phrases you often use in daily conversation. You can edit this page by adding your own words and phrases.

Type and Talk allows you to quickly type words or phrases, and have them spoken back by the device. You can save the words and phrases as icons for later use.

Camera lets you take pictures of people or objects that you can use to create custom icons and pages. Photos are stored in the Photo Album accessed by the “Photos” icon on the home page.

Whiteboard lets you write or draw on the screen with a stylus or your finger. You can use this to communicate quickly, and you can save whiteboard drawings for later use.

Menu gives you access to additional features and settings in the device.