A Team Dedicated to Improving the Lives of Stroke Survivors

Since 1990, the team at Lingraphica has touched the lives of millions of stroke survivors, care partners, and speech therapists through research and development of groundbreaking communication devices and services. We understand the challenges stroke survivors and their families face on the path to recovery after a stroke and the critical role communication plays in the recovery process. To that end, we are dedicated to making communication easier for stroke survivors.

Lingraphica has evolved into a dynamic team of clinical consultants, speech-language pathologists, scientists, technology developers, support technicians, reimbursement specialists, marketers, and stroke survivor advocates. Regardless of our individual roles, we all do whatever it takes to ensure the people who choose Lingraphica for their communication needs get a high-quality product and superb customer service and support.


Don’t let great be the enemy of good
Take the initiative
Own the outcome


Put the customer first
Challenge the status quo
Speak truth to power


Choose progress over comfort
Embrace a learning mindset
Value the power of firsthand knowledge


Demonstrate honesty, candor, and transparency
Do the right thing—even when no one is watching
Let your behaviors match your values

What Does Lingraphica Offer to Stroke Survivors and Their Families

We provide solutions for those with communication difficulties and disorders due to stroke, brain injury, and disease. From speech generation to speech recovery, our solutions allow stroke survivors to feel confident when interacting with others.

Speech-Generating Devices (SGDs)

Also known as augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) devices, we design and produce communication devices for those experiencing a language deficiency.

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Showing TalkPath therapy language and cognitive activities on a desktop and tablet device

Online Speech Therapy

Our online speech therapy solution, TalkPath™ Therapy, allows individuals to practice task-based exercises with a certified speech therapist or on their own from a computer or tablet.

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Mobile Apps

Our family of SmallTalk™ mobile apps, for people with communication challenges, offer a variety of tools to augment communication and help individuals practice their speech.

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