Lingraphica is the only company dedicated to helping adults with aphasia improve their communication and quality of life through devices, applications and resources developed by speech-language pathologists and leading researchers.

We understand the challenges people with aphasia and their families face. We know how critical communication is in aiding recovery and helping those affected live fulfilling lives.

Our team of clinical consultants, speech-language pathologists, scientists, developers, support staff, reimbursement specialists, and marketers are united behind making communication easier for everyone.

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A Quick Timeline of Lingraphica


Dr. Richard Steele and others pilot the first studies of the benefits of computer-based communication systems in persons with severe aphasia.


The early research studies had proven sufficiently promising and a group of investors decide to seed the company.


The first Lingraphica speech-generating device is sold and the device is approved by the Veteran’s Administration for eligible veterans.


Lingraphica’s speech-generating devices become Medicare reimbursable, making them more readily available for countless stroke and aphasia survivors.


The SmallTalk app series is launched, making the company’s technology accessible to an even larger number of stroke and aphasia survivors.


The first tablet-style speech-generating device is introduced, allowing patients to more easily carry their devices and use them in any setting.


Lingraphica has sold over 10,000 speech-generating devices and its apps have been downloaded over 2M times, making it one of the most widely used assistive communication technologies in the world.

Lingraphica Core Values

  • Action
    • Don’t let great be the enemy of good
    • Take the initiative
    • Own the outcome
  • Empowerment
    • Put the customer first
    • Challenge the status quo
    • Speak truth to power
  • Improvement
    • Choose progress over comfort
    • Embrace a learning mindset
    • Value the power of firsthand knowledge
  • Integrity
    • Demonstrate honesty, candor, and transparency
    • Do the right thing—even when no one is watching
    • Let your behaviors match your values





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