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Frequently Asked Device Trial Questions

Why Do I Need A Device Trial?

A trial allows you to work with your speech therapist to understand how to use the device to communicate. Additionally, a device trial allows your speech therapist to provide documentation of medical necessity, which is required by most insurance providers for reimbursement. 

What Should I Expect During A Device Trial?

You and your speech therapist will work alongside a Lingraphica clinical consultant to learn how to use the device to communicate in your daily life. We’ll partner together to personalize your trial device to include things like your name, nickname, interests, hobbies, pursuits, and much more!

How Long Is A Device Trial?

Most device trials last up to three weeks, but some vary based on insurance requirements. As soon as it is determined that the device is a good fit, we can start the process to get your permanent device. 

Will I Need To Pay Anything Out-of-Pocket?

Most people do not have any out-of-pocket costs. If there is an out-of-pocket cost with a corresponding financial hardship, Lingraphica will help you explore options like alternate funding and financial assistance. 

What Do I Need to Start a Trial?

First, you’ll need to submit your insurance information. Next, you’ll need to have a speech therapists or speech-language pathologist (SLP) working with you. In the event that you don’t already have a speech therapist, a Lingraphica patient navigator will help you to find one.

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