The Lingraphica Certification Program (LCP) trains SLPs to use Lingraphica technologies and enables them to work collaboratively with us to optimize outcomes for people with aphasia and other communication disorders.

Adapting to and keeping up with the latest technology can be a challenge. That’s why we created this program—so you can remain focused on your clients, while we make understanding the technology easy! You’ll become more than proficient with our technologies—you become a specialist, while earning up to 3.4 ASHA CEUs! There is no cost to enroll in the LCP.

The program encompasses training on our communication devices, our TalkPath Therapy platform, our TalkPath News app, and our QuickAssess Device Evaluation tool. There are additional self-study courses to round out this program, and your participation in webinars, device trials, and other members-only activities will maintain your certification after completion of the program.

If you would like to learn more about this program, please click the link below to schedule a brief introductory call. Select the time that works best for you and one of our clinical specialists will call you.

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Program Perks for Program Members

As an enrolled member of the Lingraphica Certification Program, you will be entitled to some pretty nice perks…check them out.

  • An in-depth, hands-on training and knowledge of all of Lingraphica’s technologies which will confidently equip you to train clients across our platform of technologies
  • ASHA CEUs (up to 3.4) for completing the program
  • Use of an iPad® and Lingraphica device for as long as you stay active in the webinars, device trials, and member activities that continue after the program completion
  • Opportunity to impact the future of Lingraphica technologies by providing feedback and comments on where our products should go to reach the next level

Sound enticing? We think so, too. If you’re ready for the first step in the process, take our CE course titled “Lingraphica Technologies for Your Plan of Care.”

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Learn about Lingraphica’s Technology Offerings

Finding the time to learn the latest technologies and somehow work them into your patients’ therapy plans might seem like another daunting task. At Lingraphica, we understand the constraints on your time and how challenging keeping up with the best possible solutions for your clients can be. So we’ve taken the guesswork out of this by incorporating various AAC technologies into a plan of care for those on your caseload who could benefit from using them.

Check out our FREE webinar course titled “Lingraphica Technologies for Your Plan of Care.” You can watch the 1-hour webinar for 0.1 ASHA CEUs and be empowered to take your clients to the next level of improved communication!

Lingraphica Technologies for Your Plan of Care


CEUs: 0.1

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