A Lifetime of Support to ACE (Achieve Communication Excellence)

You can expect unlimited support and training for as long as you own your communication device. Our Communication Specialists are only an email or phone call away.

Couple using a Lingraphica AllTalk desktop device together to communicate

The ACE Program is a support program designed for stroke survivors with aphasia and managed by a team of experienced Communication Specialists. Our goal is to ensure you are comfortable using your communication device so you can confidently communicate at home or in social settings.

With the ACE program, you have access to dozens of training videos designed to help you remember the basics of your device. Should you ever need help, you can schedule a call with one of our Communication Specialists.

Check Out The ACE Website

Designed To Maximize Success With Lingraphica Solutions To Overcome Communication Challenges

Educational Video Courses

When you log into the ACE website, you will find instructional videos — beginning with introductory courses and advancing to Continuing Communication Courses. The beginning courses will offer instruction on the basic functions of the device. Continuing Communication Courses are designed to help you incorporate your device into your daily life.