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From Speech Generation to Speech Recovery

Lingraphica provides products, services, and resources that help people with aphasia and apraxia reconnect with their families and communities. Learn more today about our no-obligation, free device trial.

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Introducing the New AllTalk™

The Lingraphica AllTalk™ is our most versatile speech-generating device designed to help people with aphasia or verbal apraxia easily and quickly communicate their feelings, wants, and needs.

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Introducing TalkPath™ Online Speech Therapy

Lingraphica's TalkPath™ Online Speech Therapy, the innovative first-of-its kind online speech therapy site, transforms the way people with aphasia access therapy.

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Communication and Therapeutic Apps

Lingraphica offers a number of communication and therapeutic apps, including a family of SmallTalk™ free apps for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, as well as our TalkPath™ Suite of Speech Therapy apps for the iPad.

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