Can You Recover From Aphasia?

If you’ve been diagnosed with aphasia, one of your first questions is probably, “Will I get better?” The answer is that recovery from aphasia is possible!

Every person is different. Some people will have a complete recovery. Some people mostly recover, but still find it hard to think of the right word sometimes. Others will always have aphasia but can continue to improve. The good news is that people can continue getting better for years after they get aphasia.

Aphasia is typically the most severe immediately following a stroke or other brain injury. The biggest improvements usually happen in the first several months after aphasia is diagnosed. After a stroke or brain injury, your brain uses neuroplasticity to rewire itself and rebuild connections that will help language improve.

Some improvement is called “spontaneous recovery,” meaning that the brain is healing itself on its own. This type of recovery happens the most dramatically in the first few months after a stroke. After that, improvement can continue, but it won’t be as rapid. In order to maximize your recovery and the neuroplasticity of your brain, speech therapy can help. With continued therapy, many people can continue to see improvements for years following a stroke.

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