Types of Aphasia

There are several different types of aphasia. While there are common characteristics, each type of aphasia presents unique symptoms and many people with aphasia show overlapping symptoms.

Intelligence and cognition are not affected by aphasia. Because of the damage to the left hemisphere of the brain, many people with aphasia also have weakness on the right side of the body. Writing ability can be impacted by any associated weakness or paralysis in the hand and arm.

Aphasia can improve with time and therapy. Working with a speech-language pathologist can help someone with aphasia make as much improvement as possible. Many people see significant improvement following the stroke or brain injury, and improvement can continue for years, especially with ongoing therapy and practice.

The Most Common Types of Aphasia

Anomic Aphasia

Broca's Expressive Aphasia

Conduction Aphasia

Global Aphasia

Primary Progressive Aphasia

Mixed Transcortical Aphasia

Transcortical Motor Aphasia

Transcortical Sensory Aphasia

Wernicke's Aphasia