A Stroke Survivor with a Great Attitude

Jerry Lane

On April 20, 2011 my husband, Jerry, had a stroke that centered over his left ear and was very severe. He is unable to converse with exception of saying “I love you” and “how are you”. He has a very limited number of letters he can say. His attitude about not being able to speak is absolutely wonderful, he has accepted it with grace. He does currently attend Speech Therapy, his fourth try’s in three plus years but due to the lack of progress, Medicare ends up denying further therapy. I am looking for ways to help him and give him encouragement. I appreciate any help that we can receive. He is 77 years old and still has a good mind but his ability to spell is hurting where previously he was an excellent speller. Can move better than I can but his right hand does not have a grip now. Right arm is strong. Thank you for letting me tell you about him. Sharon Lane.