Aphasia can’t…

I wasn’t quite sure what to check to describe my connection to aphasia…I’m a speech-language pathologist (SLP), a caregiver, and a loved one connected to aphasia. In my 25+ years of being an SLP, I’ve known many persons affected by aphasia, but my career, nor my education, prepared me for the heartbreak of seeing my mom struggle with aphasia after suffering a stroke.

Thankfully, however, my parents prepared me and because of their faith, commitment to each other, and trust that God knows what He’s doing, I’ve learned what aphasia can’t do….

Aphasia may make you say the wrong words, but it can’t take away your sense of humor!

Aphasia may make you struggle for words, but it can’t keep you from praying. My mom is the greatest prayer warrior you will ever find and although she normally struggles for words, when it comes to talking to God, she can pray like nobody’s business!

Aphasia might make you speak – one – word – at – time, but can’t keep my mom from saying “I love you” as fluently as anybody else.

Aphasia might cause herto be frustrated as hell, but it can’t take away my mom’s will to keep fighting and to keep pushing on.

My mom ( and Dad) are amazing – they’ve taken something that others would normally view as awful and have not allowed aphasia to steal their joy. No — aphasia can’t steal my parent’s joy!

Aphasia is really powerless. It hasn’t taken one thing away from my mom that she can’t live without. Bottom line, is aphasia can’t…