Cheryl Adamson

In April 2005, I was given a chance to go to England to become a Master’s level Social Worker for the British Council. I was so excited to have the opportunity to live in the town, Plymouth.
However, Plymouth was cold and dreary. I was not happy in that area. So I did some research and found an opening in this town called Croydon. I applied for the Master’s level Social Worker position there and was accepted. This town was beautiful, and I was busy doing fun things and I enjoyed my job.
I met a young man, Ali, who worked at the library. We did some fun things like visiting the Buckingham Palace, music festivals, Big Ben, and the Tower of London.
A month later he saved my life.

October 20, 2005
Early in the morning, while ironing clothes preparing for work, I passed out and had a stroke. I laid on the floor for 17 hours. My friend Ali came to visit me from London, about 35 miles away. He knocked on the door but did not get an answer so he left. While he headed back to London, he was wondering where I was and why I did not come to the door. Ali called the police, and the ambulance took me to the May Day Healthcare Hospital.

I was placed on the stroke unit, and was given the very best care. I was released after three months.
Leaving London, Ali was very concerned about me, so he flew back to Las Vegas with my mom and me, at his own expense. Mom was so thankful.
The time in Las Vegas was okay, however, Mom could not find the care I needed. So we moved back to Houston, where I had a home, and I could get better medical care to help me improve.
I am thankful for Stephanie for referring us to the University of Houston Speech Center.
The speech center offered me the chance to work with graduate students, who are planning on becoming Speech Therapists.
And now I am here at The Houston Aphasia Recovery Center. This center is a wellness program for people with aphasia. At HARC, I still work with the students, volunteer, and participate in many of the programs. I enjoy writing and art most of all.

I have been on a long journey and I am still traveling down that road.