Downloadable Communication Boards for People with Aphasia

Communication boards are a great low-tech AAC tool to quickly improve basic communication. Although they are limited compared to an AAC device, they are also easy to use, inexpensive to make and can be made about any topic that is needed. When deciding if a communication board is the right tool for your client, consider some pros and cons:


  • Low commitment: easy and inexpensive to make
  • Fast: ideal for patients when you need a way to communicate immediately
  • Great way to introduce the idea of AAC
  • Good for patients who are not comfortable with technology


  • No voice output – must have communication partner to interpret
  • Limited in scope: difficult to add words/phrases on the spot
  • Large or multiple boards can be cumbersome, further limiting the number of messages available
  • Not designed to be a long-term, comprehensive communication system

Communication boards are generally a great tool to use in the short-term to solve an immediate communication need. If your client is likely to need AAC for a longer period of time, you might want to consider a high-tech AAC device.

You can make your own communication board personalized with information about your client, or use a downloadable one. Lingraphica offers this free, downloadable communication board focused on basic wants and needs. It uses Lingraphica icons, so it is also a good introduction to a Lingraphica AAC device!

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