My Grandma Diggins could not talk,
But she could hum and she could walk.
And even though her words got jumbled,
Grandma Diggins never grumbled.
Sometimes “chair” came out as “tree”,
But Grandma, she just laughed with me.
I always knew what Grandma meant.
We never had an argument.
She’d smile and nod and slap her knee.
Sometimes she’d dance around with me.
When Grandma couldn’t get a word,
She always knew that I still heard
The words she said inside her head
I would know and say instead.
She’d say “pickle” when she meant, “hat”.
I’d say “Grandma, don’t put on THAT!”
Then she’d just laugh and blurt out “CHAIR”.
I’d say, “That’s not what you wear!”
She’d call the dog “Here, four leaf Clover”,
Even though his name was Rover.
She’d say “Good Morning” when she meant “Good Night”.
And I’d say “Grandma, it’s alright”.
My Grandma was smart inside her head.
She meant what she meant, just not what she said!

Copyright © 2003 Jean Ogburn