Loyola Clinical Centers

People with aphasia who attend group treatment at the Loyola Clinical Centers in Baltimore and Columbia, Maryland shared their thoughts during Aphasia Awareness Month:

Difficult – “Aphasia is difficult. It is hard for me to talk. I cannot say things I want to say. It is difficult when my wife is talking. Sometimes she writes words down, it can still be difficult to speak. It can take me 15 minutes to try and talk. It makes it difficult. My mouth cannot say the words.”

Good – “I feel good. I am determined to keep going. Aphasia has changed my attitude about life. I talk to more. I like when I can walk. I’m getting better with therapy and understanding. I choose the word: good.”

Permanent – “Aphasia is not going away”

Frustrated – “I can’t read…I can’t understand. 7 years. Speaking is good. I want to do it my way. Take my time.

Different – “Aphasia is different because of the mind. It don’t work the same. Talking is hard. Loyola has helped me…brought me to group. I have this aphasia card that got me through . Aphasia made me different, but it made me used to it.”