Me and My Aphasia

The first time Aphasia came to my life in didn’t no what it caled, I had just had my 4th and 5th strokes in 2 weeks August 2012. We living in France and I went to GP after 1st the 2 strokes and she not bothered by my talk. To weeks later I not able move and talk worse so a diferent GP came house he say it strokes. I got MRI and doppler and told I had clots in rite carotid artery gone brain. I given tablets and that it. I promised place at Centre de rééducation to get all therapy. Husbnd help me talk we work all time but not heer about place. Just before Christmas I got call place available but we going England see famly and frends so say no I call when come back.
To days after we get England husbnd colapse and go in coma, rest of yeer very stresful with operations for him and having decide move back England lots paperwork. First week August 2013 I get 6th stroke. This time I no I got Aphasia as speech therapist come see me. She help lot and when go home I get more speech therapy and physiotherapy. All go well until Janry 2014 when have stroke number 7 and Aphasia reel bad. Talk, reed, rite, spel I need work reel hard. As before husbnd there help lots and lots. He give encuragement and lissen me get upset then comfort me. One thing upseting is Aphasia take names famly, frends and me. I cal husbnd man he not mind but it reely make me cry. Husbnd made album with photos all famly and they relationship me so I can try lern names..

I try hard all parts lern reed, rite, spel and talk. All geting beter. I reed books not to dificult, I rite beter but speling hard as spel like I heer sound in hed. Talk comes and goes and have reel bad days. Some peple rude say I rude way talk, say I stupid and idiot. I got card I ware on lanyard round neck so I can show in shops or at hospital. Mostly peple helpful but when I in hospital last yeer for diferent problm I had ristband with name on. When nurse came give me medication she ask name, I say I not no and went look at ristband but she cover it up and say I want you say it. I couldn’t, I don’t no it. Husbnd there and he report her.

Lot more got be taut about Aphasia. I geting there and trying with help husbnd that I do well, I feel like give up times, but won’t. Aphasia takes lot from you I going fite it.