My Story – Rick

This is a Finding Words story!

The following was translated into a narrative based on a Q&A session between Rick & his SLP: In 2007, I was with a few friends and I slipped and fell down a flight of stairs. I hit my head and was immediately knocked out. Good thing I wasn’t alone because I was rushed to the hospital right away. I was in a coma for a long time. I lost a lot of memories. When I woke up, my family was there. I didn’t remember them. I didn’t even remember myself.

I couldn’t speak at all; I couldn’t even understand what anyone was saying to me. I had to re-learn everyone’s names, but I still have trouble remembering the names of my family and friends. It is very difficult for me to name things and think of the right words to say and my speech is hard to understand if you aren’t used to the way I speak. I forget how to pronounce words and sometimes my mouth can’t move in the proper way to form the correct sounds.

I used to get frustrated by this, but I have learned to accept who I am and try every day to become better. I have a very supportive wife who helps me through everything, including filling out all of my medical paperwork since I can’t remember by phone number, address, or pharmacy name. I still have kept all of my friends and they are wonderful. I am still active. I go to the beach, concerts, baseball games, carnivals, and we are even going to Italy in a few months. I am taking life day by day.