Young Amazing Aphasic Edwin

Back 2013, September 3th, I and my friends, who DJs also decided to party at Gatundu town, at a gig invited to DJ. Then day came and we hearded there. Then the night came, I had two or three drinks, around 1Am, as the party was going on, I had a pressing short call. I went to the loos nearby, then on coming out a number of men surrounded me, demanding cash and my phone, I didn’t resist. They stole all had and injured me on my left side of the head, then they escaped leaving me unconscious with blood all over my head, poor me I walked towards the club and got my friends, they started asking what was wrong. I had a wish to talk but my speech was nowhere to be found, they took me a nearby hospital, where I got medication for few weeks. Amazingly even the doctors and nurses had no idea what it was. After an operation in the head I was well but still my right hand and leg were not functioning. Then after a month I was released to go home. After reaching home, I was so determined to talk again, and thanks to Google, I came realise myself that I was aphasic, I was so happy to know that I will talk again after sometime. Although I didn’t do my final college exams that were scheduled that year November, am gland to God for allowing to be alive today, walking and talking after therapies. I thank Usemaji Aphasia Group in Kenya for their support, I would like to get support myself so that, I spread aphasia awareness here in Kenya, anyone interested please contact me,, in Kenya many patients with head injuries and stroke suffer a lot since they don’t know Aphasia as a condition they believe they never talk again. Am proud to say that Aphasia can heal up to 99% depending on your dedication to talk again.