I Didn’t Even Know This Condition Existed

My husband of just over 20 years awoke from surgery to remove a massive tumor from his brain with aphasia. He went into surgery in the morning speaking his last words normally and struggled for many months after surgery to reconnect and communicate as he used to. Unfortunately, just a few weeks shy of our 21st wedding anniversary, he passed away from Glioblastoma. But, as they say, everything happens for a reason. About a year after he died, I found Lingraphica, where I have worked ever since. While I wasn’t able to help him as much as I would have liked, I can now bring a caregiver’s perspective to all that I do. I can understand the frustration of and the desire of caregivers as they work to find solutions to help their loved ones regain their language skills. I feel that I am fortunate to now connect all of these threads of my life and work to help people understand the challenges of living with aphasia.