Brain 🧠 injury and a special dog.

I am now we’ll into my 70s with a long history of TBIs and ABI. Born in 1948. Born with lack took to the brain I was born 3 months premature. The place of my birth is Mexico City Mexico. My first language was “Mexican Spanish” as my mother would say. For me, life and living was hard . I say this because I was treated as if I did not come from the womb of a woman. I was emotional, physical and verbally abusing by both parents. And because of my ethnic ethnic and racial background I was bullied at school..
tellurism and internalized racism runs rapid within the Latin and black communities in this country and throughout the world. and no one wants to talk about it. it’s an ugly subject almost a taboo. I was labeled mentally retarded and it would carry open till my adult life. but about 30 years later or so I would find out that I was not mentally retarded but had dyslexia instead having problems with Reading writing and math. I had a history of traumatic brain injuries with being a mobbed, and eventually I had a pituitary adenoma that was removed in 2009 that would leave me with two small Strokes. these Strokes are called T I A. I would lose my speech in my balance in my memory mostly short-term. I remember the past but couldn’t remember the present. we could remember the day is if it was yesterday afternoon when I met senator Robert Francis Kennedy. I might add meeting Muhammad Ali in 19 92. that I could remember but couldn’t remember what I did an hour ago. as far as caregivers I’ve always had a caregiver since 1986 when I was attacked in an elevator and lost my speech for about a month. I did have years of speech therapy and testing. but even the professionals don’t truly understand what it’s like to live with a speech and language disability. because to the public they think you’re dumb and stupid and ignorant when you can’t talk correctly. sometimes I just stay at home I don’t want to venture out and if I didn’t have my mobility service dogs I don’t know what I would do. I have problems with mobility balance and I am also legally blind. but these dogs are my world and have been since 1980s. I always go to a rescue agency organization such as animal care and control are the San Francisco SPCA to get a dog and train with that to become my mobility service dog. and I’ve been so blessed to have such wonderful animals in my life I save them and they saved me and enrich my life so many wonderful ways. my first named Sasha Marie she was a German shepherd and she was on death row San Francisco SPCA back in the 1980s so many animals were killed without cause. healthy animals who put down and almost that were pregnant or put down. now things have gotten a lot better but still be killed innocent healthy animals to no reason. who otherwise could be pulled out from the shelters and given a second life and be trained to help people with disabilities. the dog I have now is named Manish Aghi. she got her name after my brain surgery when my other dog passed away Henry Miller who was with me doing my surgery experience at UCSF medical center April 3rd 2009. he lived 11 more months after the surgery and actually became a media star. when he passed on I adopted another dog that named it her after the surgeon who removed my tumor my patulinary adenoma. one of those doctors was named Manish A g h i.. so that’s how she got her name and she’s earned it now she’s almost 15 years old the current job that I’ve rescued is only 15 months old and she’s a Belgium shepherd mix. I love herself very much and I’m so glad that she’s came into our lives. she will see me through my eighties I hope and beyond and she’s learning hand signals and words. and she actually tells me when it’s time to go to bed she’ll bark. God bless you and thank you for this opportunity to tell a little bit of my story who I am as an individual. one fortunate and blessed Latino woman who has met the most wonderful people in the world that I have mentioned here. but my best friends or my dogs. Sasha Marie Henry Miller Shawna Manish Aghi and Reina Louise. Thank you. Anaperla Aureoles.