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  • Jenna Ebeling

    May 23, 2023 at 10:54 am

    Hello! Replying to this forum until my dad is out of the hospital (has expressive aphasia due to stroke) and ready to tackle online forums himself (he’s 64 yo, and not very fond of technology).

    Some of hobbies include:

    golf, poker, talking about history, hiking/backcountry camping, reading books (typically fictional history), coin collecting, forestry, fixing things around the house, and most importantly, sarcasm.

    Also, I tried adding a new message to the “Introduce Yourself Forum”, but after I hit “post”, it fades out the button but the screen does not change to show it has posted.

    Any suggestions for finding peers/groups specifically with Expressive Aphasia? I know it varies, but he is able to speak sentences for the most part, but is having trouble finding certain words at times. Please help me find a community for him, if possible. Thank you so much.