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  • Meredith Murray

    June 25, 2023 at 9:26 am

    Hey Erick! I hope you and your dad are having a great weekend, and enjoying some sunshine! 🌞 I’m Meredith! It’s so awesome that your dad and you were able to connect with this great resource and community. I have been living with aphasia for 28 years now. But lately, I am experiencing more of a “caregiver-type” role, to people that I am close to, who have recently began their rehab journey. And man, it is a whole, ‘Nother ball game! So, I salute you for being so compassionate, involved, pro-active and helpful in your father’s care! 💜👍

    Maybe you could offer some tips for me about ensuring the quality of care & rehab for aging family members, who are (were), extremely independent, intelligent and stubborn??

    Happy Sunday!