Shouting in the wind

This is a Finding Words story!

I survivor 7 stroke/TIA mixes. August 2012 had 2 stroke in 2 weeks affect right carotid artery. I got mild Aphasia but no help that just physio for limbs. We living in France then husband help me and we work real hard and nearly get normal. August 2013 stroke #6. First time stroke affect right side. Great SLT for more Aphasia we work real hard but January 2014 another stroke mean worse Aphasia. Now life so hard. Lost names me and family hardest being lost names husband, he called man, and names grandchildren. Everyday we do quizzes, discuss. Husband try understand me when not able communicate. Find words difficult. Use pictures help. Shout in wind mean no one hear you. I not like go out meet people I scared. Confidence gone, I not who was, not who want be, hate self, but family accept me who am now. Why I not believe them?