Aphasia Access

At Triangle Aphasia Project Unlimited (TAP) we serve individuals with aphasia, their families, and the community throughout North Carolina with aphasia groups, caregiver support and trainings. Our values of Hope, Purpose, Engagement and Determination are central to all our offerings.

TAP has a hybrid model, offering both virtual and in-person group programs for individuals with aphasia.  With a Life Participation Approach to Aphasia and connections across our community and state of North Carolina, we help people engage in their hobbies and passions, creating an environment where those with aphasia have opportunities to improve their language and communication skills. Group programs are led by speech pathologists, music therapists and trained volunteers.

TAP understands that when an individual in a family has aphasia, the entire family is impacted. TAP families are offered a variety of programs including care partner support groups, a monthly Learning to Speak Aphasia training, personalized family trainings, and assistance with Communication Support Teams. 

TAP has its basis in social engagement and knows that an educated/supported community will provide the best, and most accessible, opportunity for engagement. TAP Unlimited offers Learning to Speak Aphasia training for healthcare professionals, community businesses and so much more.  Our focus on aphasia awareness, community engagement and collaboration with area providers serves to reduce the barriers that exist for individuals with aphasia.